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Gauza jakina denez (guretzat, baina ez dirudienez, hedabideentzat), 2015eko urtarrilean hasita, ostegunero biltzen gara Eliseori gure elkartasuna adierazteko eta Iruña-Veleiarekin egiten ari den injustizia salatzeko. Tarteka, Justizia Jauregiaren aurrean ere manifestatzen gara. Bilkurekin jarraituko dugu, eta gogo handiagoz gainera, injustizia areagotzen ari den garai honetan. Azpian, joan den osteguneko argazkia.


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  1. egilea: abdeslam ben mhand

    Mr professor j m elexpuru.
    object: the homeric question and iruna veleia affair.

    about iruna veleia affair and the disregard of the most important ,inexorable, concrete and intimate proof of the archeological monument of the olive tree bed of odysseus ? i think this sentences of the philosopher theodore adorno can bring out what is closely and tacitly in question here ?:
    “…..So long as individuals are sacrificed, so long as the antithesis of the collective and the individual is implicit in this sacrifice, so long is deception objectively a constant of sacrifice. If belief in substitution through sacrifice signifies the recollection of what is not primordial in the self but of what developed in the self in the course of the history of domination, this belief becomes untruth for the fully developed self: the self is precisely the human being to whom the magical power of substitution is no longer attributed. The establishment of the self severs that fluctuating unity with nature that the sacrifice of the self claimed to establish. Every sacrifice is a restoration belied by the historical reality in which it is undertaken. The venerable belief in sacrifice, however, is probably itself a drilled-in pattern in which the subjected repeat upon themselves the injustice that was done to them in order to make it bearable. Sacrifice does not – as the current mythologist claim – salvage direct the communication, which has only just been disturbed; rather, the institution of sacrifice is the scar of an historical catastrophe, an act of force that befalls humanity and nature alike. Cunning is nothing else than the subjective development of the objective untruth of sacrifice, which cunning replaces….. ”
    theodore adorno and max horkheimer in dialectic of enlightenment :odysseus or myth and enlightenment p 116.

    and about the certainty of the olive tree bed as the aim of the graffitis and his existence inside iruna veleia, Homer tell the issue of iruna veleia affair as an only way that let odysseus escape from realy bad situation and finally return home:
    “….A juryman is not more glad to get home to supper, after having been long detained in court by troublesome cases, than I was to see my raft beginning to work its way out of the whirlpool again….” Homer the odyssey book 12 translated by samuel butler.

    finally; the genetic linguistic raison of the only exceptional and intimate digital similarity proof also in question as the fact of a specific DNA as unique origin of language or an expertise of a particular Mitochondrial Eve and Y chromosome Adam as a solely root of genetics of languages is fixed and limited with the death of ulysses in dante’s inferno as well in a note reported by french thinker and historian francois hartog in “memoria de ulises” about giorgos seferis book :essais hellenisme et creation ,he write :
    ” puede agregarse ademas que es ese mismo canto de ulises que vuelve a la memoria de primo levi mientras esta en auschwitz y, particularemente, estos versos los que evoca y recita a su companero de faenas (que no sabe italiano): “considerad cual es vuestro origen (semilla) ;no habeis sido hechos para vivir como bestias brutas ;si no para perseguir ciencia y vertud “.y despues esta el terrible “como plugo al otro” que es “absolutamente necessario y urgente ” que su companero “escuche y comprenda antes de que sea demasiado tarde” (primo levi : si c est un homme – paris julliard 1987 p 146-151 ). es justamente ulises,el que no cesa de recordar que es un hombre ,quien subida en la memoria del deportado judio de auschwitz.”
    francois hartog in memoria de ulises : el regreso de ulises – p 59
    as you know , a simple fingerprint match can easily confirm the biometric similarity proof still in question? and all copies and haplogroups of the Y-chromosome must have descended from a single individual or odysseus who i am ? i must quote here a conclusion of chris tyler-smith about tim j crow hypothesis on the ape -human split and the emergence of language (and writing) :
    ” the origin of the unique characteristics of the modern human must involve changes to a small number of genes,but the nature of the changes and the number and identity of the genes are unknow.few specific testable hypothesis have been suggested . the crow hypothesis proposes that one of the human specific X-Y homologous genes influences linguistic ability and contributed to speciation.We have the tools to test this hypothesis and should soon know wether there is such a gene.” chris tyler -smith : what can the Y chromosome tell us about the origin of modern humans? in the speciation of modern homo sapiens in Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 106 edited by Tim J Crow.
    at last i ask you to find and recognize the genetic linguistic truth of the archeo homeric monument of the olive tree bed in iruna veleia by the justice and the medias ?
    more than that; a mediatic revelation of iruna veleia archeo-homeric truth become more necessary than any multidisciplinary universitary research or any active political project or any juridical verdict because certainly is the only way to open a new horizon for knowledge and science and to save the linguistic specie that humanity are ; the presocratics fragments as the graffitis of iruna veleia is about the birth of thinking and language and to accomplish the dawn of philosophy ;according to the eminent thinker martin heidegger truth or aletheia is a historic destiny ;he speaks about the difficulties to translate the meaning of the word “being” or “to be” by writing :
    “all the notions and representations
    we have inherited from Greek philosophy remain in the same
    confusion, exiled for millennia. Neither pure neglect on the part of
    philology nor inadequate historical research has occasioned this confusion.
    It arises from the abyss [Abgrund] of that relation by which Being
    has appropriated the essence of Western man. We cannot therefore
    dissolve the confusion by elaborating through some definition a more
    precise meaning for the words “being” and “to be.” On
    the contrary, the attempt to heed this confusion steadfastly, using its
    tenacious power to effect some resolution, may well bring about a
    situation which releases a different destiny of Being. ” martin heidegger The Anaximander Fragment in early greek thinking p25 Translated by David Farrell Krell and Frank A. Capuzzi

    if we understand that the return s journey is one and same for all universal epic poetry, the link between ramayana and mahabharata as the link between odyssey and iliad prove that the kurukshetra “atomic war” or “the supreme truth destroyer of beings ?” is about “the apoptotic-linguistic pectiform-sensibility” urgent gathering or mariage of rama and sita or ulysses and penelope timing , precisely because of an intimate exceptional and irreversible phylogenetic mutation connected to the ape-human split and the genetics speciation ; the faces A and B of the graffiti vitae (seen the character hindu of the warrior and his sword or the mother and his little baby) as the hindu epic is certainly also about the twin biologic birthdate of ulysses and his wife penelope…?, in the Bhagavad-Gita Lord Krishna said:” I am terrible time the destroyer of all beings in all worlds, engaged to destroy all beings in this world; of those heroic soldiers presently situated in the opposing army, even without you none will be spared.” in chapitre 11 verse 32.
    the indian astronomer and physicist b.g. sidharth make sure and insiste firmly that the astronomical dates of the hindu scriptures which go with the name of vedas and the mythological events that originate from them has to be checked with hard evidence; you can see his intervention in youtube video The World’s Oldest Temple – Göbekli Tepe documentary .

    in this perspective; i think that a meaning of a death synchronising with a birth in anaximander’s poetic and philosophical dictum is certainly the apocalyptic phylogenetic timing’s extinction figured in the bhagavad gita ? as many stonehenge monuments have been built in order to predict this particular event and to perform astronomical calculation of an unique and exceptional similarity of Y-DNA or MT-DNA in question here as a dendro-chronology or a dendrogram of a oak as a model of phylogenetic tree of life or as an “apeiron” of a human stem cell astral mutations ? that s why this blue stones funerary edifices can also signifie and be linked with this ultimate meaning ?
    according to simplicius anaximander say :
    “But whence their birth is, thence also proceeds their dying, according
    to necessity. For they pay one another penalty and retribution for their wickedness
    according to the order of time.”
    H. Diels. The 4th edition of Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.
    note in martin heidegger : The Beginning of Western Philosophy
    Interpretation of Anaximander and Parmenides
    Translated by Richard Rojcewicz. p2
    abdeslam ben mhand targuist alhociema maroc

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